Contents of Training for Tangle Removal Treatment
1. How to make Human hair Tangle-Free with or without cuticle on whichever of Remy Hair or Non Remy hair; Dyed hair or Non dyed hair it is
2. How to make natural color of hair

Training Fees
1. Hands-On-Training Fee
a) Training Fee
b) Training Period
3 days x 5 ~ 8 Hours/day
2. Online Training Fee (DVD & Manual & Samples)
a) Training Fee

(1) and (2) are parts of the Class for Raw Human Hair Coloring or Raw Hair Processing.
We train all techniques except the techniques related with Bleaching & Dyeing.

All Human Hair including pure 100% Remy Virgin hair must be tangled originally.
This is a critical problem with all Human Hair products.

We train you how to make Human Hair (Double Drawn, Single Drawn, Remy Hair,
Non Remy Hair, etc) not Tangled by physical and chemicals methods.

When you buy or import finished Human Hairpiece in Weft or Bulk or Pre-tipped Hair
as well as raw human hair you can use our techniques you learn from our training class.
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