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For information & prices, please contact us by email and fax.

Please send your email-message to our 3 different email addresses, totally 3 copies with the same content.

We may not find your 1 email among thousands of spam-mails received every day.
So, we ask you to send 3 emails in total through our 3 different email addresses.

Besides, the 1st and the 2nd email-address are served by "Yahoo.com" company, the 3rd email-address is served by "Gmail.com". . It is possible one company may not work for our email-communication for a short time. Then, the other company can help us to communicate.)

Dear E-mail writers,
For better Communication and File ( email) management (or Storage), please be kind to write ( put) the following things under SUBJECT of your email.
1) Your Company name & Personal name for filing or future searching to reply( contact)
2) Country ( or address) for our quotations of freight (postage)

3) Date : It would be very much appreciated if you write (for example) 20170226 as Feb 26, 2017 after your company name or personal name at the beginning of your email Subject.

Otherwise, we may delete your e-mails regarding them as Spam mails, or emails with Virus as checking thousands emails quickly for a short time. (We receive about 3,000 emails including lots of spam mails everyday.)

For example,

Your (Company) Name-20170226(Year-Month-Day)-USA(Your Country) -NewYork(Your City)=Theme
(Concern) such as PRICE of WeftMachine+Permanent HairCoat-Your Name -abcxx@yahoogmail.com (Your Email Address)

4) Items (Theme) you are interested in : If possible, please be sure to write under SUBJECT in your e-mail such as WeftMachine, Permanent HairCoat , Wig Caps, Training Course for Hair Extension, etc.
5) Please put ( write) your email address at the end of the subject. ( Your email address will help us to find or search your emails or our reply-emails very fast, just a few seconds from our file server having more than 10 millions of files as of 2015.)

We keep all emails and fax messages, shipping documents, photos of products shipped, training scene videos and photos of training classes for past trainees for ever, more than 20 years.

6) In the body of your email, please let us have your Smart Phone No.
Emails can not be delivered to you or to me owing to Technical problems, Virus blocking programs, by mistake, etc. Then, we need to communicate by text with a smart phone ( or by fax if available).

Thank you in advance.

John Yim, President / John Korea Co.

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