Since 1982, We used to be manufacturers of all kinds of hair goods as follows;
1. Wigs (machine made) - Fashion wigs, Carnival wigs
2. Men's hairpiece (hand-tied), lace full wigs for women
3. Human Hair in Bulk, or Weft for Braiding and Weaving
4. Hair pieces in H/hair, or Synthetic fiber in various styles or designs
5. Other kinds of hair goods
And, we imported and exported Cosmetics and Beauty Supplies.

Since 1990, because the labor cost or wage of each worker increased too much (US$50.00/month in 1984 to US$500.00/month in 1990) we have been changing our lines from SUPPLYING (EXPORTING) FINISHED HAIR GOODS(WIGS, TOUPEES, HUMAN HAIRPIECES (bulk hair, hair weft), HAIR EXTENSIONS, ETC to Wig materials, Wig equipment, Accessories, New and Novelty items requiring Technology and Engineering; and Consulting and Training Classes.

(Exporting wigs, toupees, hairpieces in large quantities from Korea was not possible because of the high production cost in Korea.)
1993, we set up a factory in China to keep exporting to the world (our regular customers/buyers).
The labor cost (worker's wage) was US$30.00/month in China.
At the same time we restructured (downsized) our production system to keep (run) a small factory for producing ONLY CUSTOM MADE toupees and wigs by hand for retail business in our domestic (Korean) market.

We started to train 300 people every month for 12 months, some thousands to work in our new toupee factory in China. Half of them were not good at the work and not employed.

We could have chance to provide technical training course (for machine made weft making) at the request of a person who entered the country as a member of the Mexican economic delegation in 1993. This could become the point of starting of providing hands-on-training course.

1. Machines and equipment - Technology and Engineering ( )

2. Chemicals and Adhesive glues used in making Toupees for men -handtied ( )
Polyurethane glue (PU-Soft and PU-Hard)for skin making, Hand-implanted hair-attaching glue,
Machine-Wefted hair attaching glue, various Wig oils, etc ( We are supplying more than 30%
of the world demand with the best quality. Specially our PU-Soft(CW701-S), PU-Hard(CW702-H), Attaching Glue G100 and G400 are
used by the major factories in the world for biggest importers in USA, Canada, Japan, Europe,etc.

3. Adhesive tapes ( contour shape, roll) and medical (bonding) glues for wearing Toupees, Lace Front Wigs, Skin Wefts, etc ( )

4. Netting materials: Textiles-Nets, bands, Laces, Synthetic fibers ( )

5. Toupee Bases and Wigcaps of wigs for men and women- both m/made and handtied ( )

Other Wig materials and accessories: Hand-tie Needles, Clips, Wig stands, hackles, Drawing mat (

7. Products for Hair Extensions: Glue for making Pre-bonded Hair, Keratin Glue Stick, Extension rings in 6 sizes to micro ring, Hair-pulling needles, pliers, etc ( )

Since 2000, we focused on (1) providing Hands-On-Training and Online Training individually or in a group for a factory are our main CORE BUSINESS and (2) making chemical products. ( )

According to calculations by OECD(the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), the average annual wage of Korean workers ln 2019 was $42,285, --- surpassing Israel (21st), Italy (22nd), Spain (23rd) and Japan (24th). The average annual wage of Japan was 38,617 dollars in 2019.

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