Since 1982 ~ 1990
, we used to be manufacturers of all kinds of hair goods as follows;
1. Wigs (machine made) - Fashion wigs, Carnival wigs
2. Men's hairpiece (hand-tied), lace full wigs for women
3. Human Hair in Bulk, or Weft for Braiding and Weaving
4. Hair pieces in H/hair, or Synthetic fiber in various styles or designs
5. Other kinds of hair goods
6. Wig materials, Wg supplies( Comb type clips,Knottng needles, Hackles, etc)
7. Cosmetics and Beauty Supplies accorind to request of buyers ( customers)

Clip 1984, we started to produce comb type clips.
H/Hair 1985, we started to export human hairpieces in bulk and weft ordered by an UK buyer who had been ordering toupees from us.
  In 1987, we got a huge order in total of US$253,160.00 (current value, more than 2.5 million US Dollars) from an American importer.
(At that time, a youngest bank staff's starting wage was US$200.00/month. In 2022, a Korean youngest bank staff's starting wag is more than US$3,000.00/month.)
  This huge order helped us to order(import) tons of human hair every month. The biggest order for Chinese hair was placed for 50 tons (50,000 kgs) in 1987, which made us regarded as the biggest raw human hair importer internationally those days.
PU &

1985, we started to develop Polyurethane-based glues to improve quality of PU glues which we and other Korean toupee factories bought and used in makng skins and bases of toupees made with such PU glues.

  In Korea, 1992, we started to have chances to export PU liquids (CW701-S, CW702-H, etc) used in makng PU skins and bases of toupees; and very strong hair attaching glues (G1, G4, G100, G400, CW715-Knot Sealer, G7011, G7044) for hairs knotted, V-looped, implanted, injected G100, G400). A Hong Kong company ordered from us, totally 22 tons (22,000 Kgs) of PU liquids for a year for thier Chinese factory, the biggest toupee & wig factory in China and in the world.
  Up to now, the largest German hand made toupee & hand made lady's wig company has been making toupees and wigs with G100 and G400 in their Asian factories.
  From 2001 to 2023, Spain's largest h/m toupee (men) & wig (women) company is making wigs with our CW701-S and CW702-H in Eastern European countries.
  1992 ~ 2023 (up to now), the biggest Chinese toupee factory supplying for hundreds of major importers of dozens of countries has been using our G100 and G400 by tons each time.
  hundreds of companies in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, USA, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, Russia, etc. are using (ordering) our CW701-S, CW702-H, G100, G400, other chemical products and netting materials (Fine Monofilament Net, HD laces, pre-head shaped caps including ultrasonic welded caps (CAP-FM, CAP-FMSQ, CAP-VFM, CAP-WMTK, CAP-WM, CAP-SWM, CAP-ExThin).
Since 1990, because the labor cost or wage of a young knotting worker increased too much (US$50.00/month in 1984
(Exporting wigs, toupees, hairpieces in large quantities from Korea was not possible because of the high production cost in Korea since 1990.)
Since 2000, we focused on (1) providing Hands-On-Training and Online Training individually or in a group for a factory are our main CORE BUSINESS and (2) developing & making chemical products.
( www.WigSchool.com , www.HairSchool.com )
In China 1992, we set up a factory in China to keep exporting to the world (our regular customers/buyers).
The labor cost (knotting worker's wage) was US$30.00/month in China which was almost same as the Korean workers' wage in Korea in 1977.

We trained over 4,000 Chinese women in total, strating with 300 female workers every month in cooperation with the local government for hair ventilation (hand knotting) for over 12 months at the beginning.
In Korea At the same time, we restructured (downsized) our production system in Korea to keep (run) a small factory for producing ONLY CUSTOM MADE toupees and wigs by hand for retail business in our domestic (Korean) market.
TR-Weft 1993, we could have chance to provide technical training course (for machine made weft making) at the request of a person who entered Korea as a member of the Mexican economic delegation and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 1993, we could have chance to provide technical training course (for machine made weft making) at the request of a person who entered Korea as a member of the Mexican economic delegation and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea introduced us to.

This could become the point of starting of providing hands-on-training course in Korea for other companies, not for our own factory. ( www.WigSchool.com )
Training-All [[ Hands-On-Training ]]
2000 ~ 2022, we trained 'How to Process & Dye raw human hair' about 200 persons individually in our training center in Seoul, Korea from 180 companies; 40 persons (36 companies) from India, 15 persons (10 companies), from Indonesia, 20 persons (19 companies) from USA, 13 persons from Russia, 12 person from Nigeria, 4 persons from Brazil, 3 persons from Turkey, 2 persons from UK, 5 persons (4 companies) from France, 4 persons from Italy, 1 or 2 persons from each of other countries.

Since 1993, we have trained individually (1 or 2 persons each course from a company, not 2 companies) about 150 persons (from 130 companies) Weft making, m/m Wig making, Toupee making, Skin Weft (Tape in hair) making, Synthetic braid making, Pre-tipped hair making, eyelash extension, Hair ventilation (knotting method), PU skin making, How to repair PU perimeter of worn toupees & toppers, How to detangle tangled hair, How to make humanhair silky and soft, etc.

Overseas training
: We trained m/m wig making, machine weft making overseas for some weeks ~ 3 months, hundreds of workers in China, India; dozens of workers in Thailand, Israel, Japan (retail shop owners)

[[ Online Training ]]
Specially, 2019~2023, we provided training courses online by sending written manuals, videos, samples, materials & supplies for practice together with reference materials for questioning & answering (Q & A) which will be served by John Yim for years at no additional charge. @^@
Net.lace 2000, we started to produce nets (Fine Monofilament net, etc) and bands, ribbons.
~ 2024
We stopped producing wig-machines since C-19 pandemic breakout, 2019.

We stopped runnng our hair processing & coloring factory in 2020, after C-19 pandemic breakout.
We no longer supply finished hair products.

We put priority to producing chemical products (glues, JK-HairCoatng agent), fine nets (laces), training (online, onsite).

We have been supplying JK-HairCoating agent and chemical products (PU, glues, dyes) and fine laces(nets) for thousands of companies including ex-trainees in 137 countries.
Around 1995, we began to shift our business lines to supplying material supply and machinery, and around 2000, we prioritized (1) providing hands-on-training courses , (2) manufacturing chemical products & wig machines to export tp the world. Since C-19 pandemic breakout, 2019, we started training courses online (instead of on-site, hands-on) using over 5,000 training scene videos ( in running time of 1 minute ~ 4 hours) filmed for each hands-on trainee during hands-on-training since 2001.

2019~2023, we have provided most of training courses online (rather than on-site) by sending written manuals, videos, samples, materials & supplies for practice together with reference materials for questioning & answering (Q & A) which will be served by John Yim for years at no additional charge. @^@

2023, we started to provide Hand-on_training for hair Processing & Coloring class, Tape-in hair extension making class,Toupee-making class, Lace wig making class; but not for Machine Weft-making class, Machine Wig macking class.

M/made weft-making course, m/made wig-making course must be done on-site & by hands-on-training because trainees must tangibly & practically & actually practice how to disassembling and assemble relevant sewing machines just like an engineer (which 99.9999 % of sewing girls inthe world except trainees of John Korea WIg School do not know or experienced), mechanical trouble shootings with trainee's own hands, putting sewing oil and glycerin on own hands. In a word, we, 'John Korea' believe a hands-on approach (training) must be needed when it comes to m/made weft making course, m/made wig machine course.

1. Chemicals and Adhesive glues used in making Toupees for men -handtied, machine weft, Hair extensions ( www.GLUE21.com )
@ Polyurethane glue used in making PU skin :CW701-S (PU-Soft) and CW702-H(PU-Hard) -
@ Attaching glue for hand-implanted hair, machne implanted hair,
@ Knot sealer
@ Weft glue for Machine-Wefted hair ( G7433-WG-HH),
@ Permanent bonding glue for wearing lace frontals, lace front wigs, toupees ( G660W)
@ Permanent hair coating (ionic bonding) agent for making human hair permanently silky, soft, vivid, tangle free (
www.HairCoat.com )

Our best sellers are CW701-S, CW702-H, hair attaching glue G100 and G400 which are
by the major factories in the world supplying hair products for biggest importers in USA, Canada, Japan, Europe, Africa, etc.

2. Netting materials : Fine Monofilament nets, HD laces, bands, ribbons, tapes

3. Synthetic fibers
: High heat-resistant fiber (specially developed to be) suitable for being mixed naturally with human hair
( www.WigFiber.com )

4. Other Wig materials and accessories: Hand-tie Needles, Clips, Wig stands, hackles, Drawing mat (www.WigMaterials.com)

5. Toupee Bases and Wigcaps of wigs for men and women- both m/made and handtied ( www.WigCap.com )

6. Machines and equipment ( www.WigMachine.com )

7. Hand-on-training (and Online training since C-19 pandemic breakout) and Technical consulting

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