There are more than 100 guest houses or motels within a radius of 800 meters ( 0.5 miles) from our training center just 1 minute far by subway train or 10 minutes on foot.
<> All guests houses and motels are very clean and safe.
<> We would recommend the hotel (motel), Nice Time Hotel.
This hotel was re-built in 2015 as the best motel among several dozens of motels and guests houses in the district or town. But, John Korea has been in relations with them for more than 30 years, Nice Time Hotel offers better room charges than any of other motels and guest houses even though their rooms are the better than any room of any other motel or guest house.

<> There is no need of tipping in Korea (Hotels, Restaurant, taxies) unlike American ways.

<> RESERVATION of A HOTEL near John Korea Training Center:

If you want to stay at a hotel located very near John Korea Training center, tou can stay at Hotel "Nice Time Hotel", about 1 minute far from John Korea Training Center by Subway Train.
There is no need of booking by you before you arrive in Korea.

(The hotel does business mainly with Koreans and has no system for overseas reservation in the internet.)

We, John Korea make booking of rooms when we get informed of your flight schedule
of Hotel Nice Time
TEL 02) 876-2277
us$70.00/day (24 hours) on Monday to Friday
us$80.00/all day (24 hours) on Saturday, Sunday) including tax, service charge.
INTERNET All rooms of guests houses and motels (as well as 5 star hotels) in Korea have a computor each room and the free internet (wife-Fi) service.
There is no cafeteria in the Hotel Nice Time. Meanwhile, there so many resturants very near the Hotel Nice Time.
When you reach our location, we take you to the hotel, Nice Time Hotel.
Or, just show the tel no or address, a taxi driver will take you to the Hotel Nice Time from airport or any other place.

The room charges of 5 Star hotels are around us$200.00 ~ US$500.00/day.

If you make reservation by the internet, the room rate can be lower.

We are ready to recommend such hotels for one who wants to stay at.

Meanwhile, such hotels are located about 30 minutes or more than
1 hour (in case of traffic jam) far from our training center by car or subway train.



JW Marriott Hotel Seoul
176, Sinbanpo-Ro, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, south Korea
Tel: (02) 628206282

The room rate is around us$400.00 including tax and service charge.

Meanwhile, you probably can get discounted room rate when you make reservation in the internet.

For booking, please view

The site map of their web site:


This is a Business Hotel.

GLAD Hotel Yeouido, Seoul
16, Uisadang-daero, |
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul,

T. +82. 2. 6222. 5000
F. +82. 2. 6222. 5700

The room rate is around us$150.00 including tax and service charge but excluding breakfast. For Breakfast, us$35.00 will be added.

Meanwhile, you probably can get discounted room rate when you make reservation in the internet.

<> FOOD <>

Around our Training Center and Guest Houses, there are hundreds of restaurants with various foods, fast food resurants such as McDonald, American family restaurants, many coffee shops including several Amercian STARBUCKS COFFEE SHOPS, 1 Indian resturant, dozens of bakeries, convenience stores open for 24 hours (selling cigarettes,coke,breadsticks,coffes,chocolates, milk beverages, Potato chips ), 1 fruit & vegetables & fruit shop (open for 24 hours), some dozens of various clinics, several general hospitals, 2 movie houses, several dozens of drugstores (pharmacies) evey 50 meters, etc. =====> VERY CONVENIENT FOR YOUR STAY AND TRAINING !!

We would recommend AIRPORT LIMOUSINE BUS #6003 headed for "SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY". The bus passes right by our TRAINING CENTER .

You get off at the BONG-CHEON STATION to visit our Training Center.

Or, you can get off at the SHILLIM STATION, one station before BongCheong Station if you want to go directly to the Hotel, Nice Time Hotel.
The bus fare is 9,000 WON (about us$9.00).
It takes about 80 minutes from Incheon Airport to our location.
<> <> TAXI 
It takes about us$80.00 ~ us$100.00 from Incheon Airport ( ICN, INCHON INT'L AIRPORT),Korea to our training center and office.
There is a TAXI saying" INTERNATIONAL TAXI " supported by Korean Government.
The fare is less than general taxies, and the driver speak English well.
Aall Korean taxies have CAR NAVIGATION SYSTEM. If you give our Address or Phone No to any taxi drivers, they cn drive you to us or the hotel, Nice Time Hotel without any problem or question.
Some female trainees were/are concerned and afraid too much about SAFETY in Korea.
Please do not worry. Even after midnight and in back-streets as well as main streets, you can see hundreds of young girls and people walking around or sitting & talking, and hundreds of cars for 10 seconds no matter where you are,main streets, back streets, etc in ( Seoul_city) Korea.

Do not feel afraid in Korea staying and walking no matter where you are. You must be free from problems you might experience or see in LA, Chicago, New York, or some European cities, etc.

You by yourself can walk around even after midnight even in back streets in Korea without any problem, banter, hisses & boos, clamor, etc.
<> At Incheon International Airport (ICN) in Korea 
If you have any trouble at the Incheon (ICN) International Airport, just show John Yim's (Mobile) Phone No, 010-8686-1313 to Immigration Officers or any (young) Korean people.

All Koreans willingly call to JOHN YIM for you using their Celluar phones.
Then, JOHN YIM can ask him or her to guide you to the Airport Bus station. Very easy to reach it.

If you have any problem at Immigration Office in entry into Korea or at Customs Clearance, just ASK the Immigration Officers or Korean Customs people to call JOHN YIM and talk with JOHN YIM. They must/should/will call to JOHN YIM to know about your entry, and thing will be done/solved smoothly.

For more than 20 years, since 1993, there has been no trainee who was refused in entry to Korea for our classes with our Invitation Latters

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